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How to stud mount sign letters.

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How to install sign letters without hardware.

Aluminum Mini Metal Letters

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  • Ships within 10-15 business days
  • Brushed finish
  • Durable indoors and outdoors
  • Architectural font with crisp prismatic face available
  • Cutting edge technology is consistent for sign letter replacements
  • Computer controlled machine ensures precision
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Made custom per order, not returnable
  • Colors and finishes may vary from your monitor
  • Contact us for samples or to verify sizing

Aluminum mini metal letters are lightweight and perfect for small signage, upscale lettering, and anywhere else you need little durable letters to hold up over time. Offered in popular brushed natural satin finish..

Cutting edge technology allows lettering to be cut as small as 1 inch, and in some cases, all the way down to just a 1/2 inch tall. Sturdy little pins can be applied to 3/16" thicknesses when needed.

For the ultimate mini metal letter, double the price and get a crisp prismatic face on an architectural font that reflects light in all directions.

Each letter is made custom per order so production cannot be rushed, and this product is not returnable. Colors and finishes may vary from the screen. Ships within 10-15 business days. Contact Us with questions regarding sizes, finishes, or mounting.

  • Price Decrease Characters ,.'";:+-_*`~<> are 67% less
  • Price Increase Pin Mount Mounting Option is $3.00 more per letter
  • Price Increase Paper Template is $1.00 more per letter
Height1/8 inch3/16 inch
3/4 inch $ 12.75  
1 inch $ 13.50 $ 16.50
1 1/4 inch $ 13.90 $ 16.90
1 1/2 Inch $ 14.25 $ 17.65
1 3/4 inch $ 14.65 $ 18.40
2 inch $ 15.40 $ 19.50

Font Height

The letter height you order is based on the uppercase letter "A" of the font you specify. Depending on the font, some uppercase/lowercase letters may be shorter or taller than the height you specify on the order form so they will look proportionate to each other. Therefore, you may receive some of your lettering in different dimensions than the letter height ordered. If all lettering is ordered in lower case, we still scale the lettering to an uppercase "A" which will make most of the letters smaller than what was ordered. Please contact us if you would like to size your lettering differently from our standards. Please see examples below:

Fractions: Order the next size up and indiciate in the comments field the exact height you want your letters. For example, to order 2 5/8 Inch height, order 3 Inch and write in the comments "Cut at 2 5/8 Inches"

Letter Visibility Chart:

100 ft.4"
250 ft.10"
360 ft. (city block)16"
500 ft.22"
750 ft.33"
1000 ft.43"
1320 ft. (1/4 mile)57"
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    Reviewed By: Robert on 2/24/14
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    My order was better then expected. On time and perfect. Five Stars :)

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